We All Can Do This!

<Susanrose/Arianna> Can those of us who are here early, say where we are from right now...while we wait for the others.
I am in Pittsburgh.
[ACTION] stars96 is in Vancouver, Washington, USA.
[ACTION] Tiphareth is in Rockhampton, Qld, Australia
[Gawain_] I'm in St. Louis.
[shien] northern British Columbia, Canada (on the alaska highway).
[bhakti] I'm in Salt Lake City---not Mormon).
[Star_Wolf] Socorro, New Mexico.
[MornStarr] MornStarr is in Modesto, Calif.
[strdst] strdst: Dallas, Texas.
[MornStarr] MornStarr is listening to Baroque
and burning a blessed candle of frankincense from Jerusalem.

WE NEED to relax now.
Breathe together.
Breathe together, and create a group mind.

Breathing deep now.
Breathe in peace.
Breathe out concerns.

Breathing together.
Breathe in Light.
Breathe out fear.
A Coming Together.

A Group mind.
All Seeking the unity of Spiritual Growth.
As we prepare to listen to others.

Breathe in.......Deep
Feeling our connection to the air, the wind
the water, the oceans.

the fire and molten lava
the earth, the soil
and the pulse and hummmm of all life
in the web of GAIA, our mother, our earth.


)Opening The Intuitive Channel(

The following is pasted from the article called
"The Intuitive Process of Living",
by Nancy Maramor, PHD, psychotherapist, as it was seen in
Successful Women magazine.

Some say intuition is "just knowing,
knowing something without any information or way of knowing,
you just know.

Others say that it is the awareness of information
in the environment that is always available, but that many times we are
not quiet enough to hear.

In states of mediation, or in the quiet space in the morning
when we first awaken, often insights, information and intuitive feelings
come through more easily because we are quiet enough to hear them.
All of the information we need to solve problems, understand challenges
is there in a dimension that we can become attuned to in order to use
our sixth sense, our intuition.

With any skill, practice makes better.
Calming the mind, then asking for assistance,
and writing down your impressions
is a wonderful way to practice.
After periods of prayer, in order to receive answers we
must take the time to listen.

After a while, we will
be able to differentiate between our own thoughts
and the intuitive information which is coming from a spiritual source.
Go back to your writings later to check to see if you were right
in your impressions.
Once the intuitive channel is flowing,
information may be received at any time.
This type of assistance may be called synchronicity;
events that occur through spiritual intervention.

Many times this takes the form of two people meeting
under the most unusual circumstances that would
have never occurred by chance.

Are there any comments?
[MornStarr] I open my heart to Being.

[Gawain_] as I search for signs of intuition in my life,
I become better attuned to the process and heighten my abilities
[MIKRON1] opening the channel to relates to Christ consciousness
and tuning in to our holographic nature ,
finding a link to the Christ consciousness grid that is around the
the unified heart chakra meditation was a good place to start!
[Star_Wolf] I get intuition to flow better
by concentrating on the energy flowing through me
which always is excited when I am about to channel
[shien] intuition has led me to another, whom I enter synchronous
states with.... and has added a new depth to my life experience...
[MIKRON1] yes shien ,new abilities are coming to us
[MIKRON1] suggestion :::::follow spirit without hesitation!!
[Star_Wolf] mikron: maybe in many ways intuition =
[MIKRON1] yes star Wolf ,perhaps the connection in the moment
of living in the NOW ,can also open the channel to intuition!!!
[Star_Wolf] because open-mindedness is what opened me up
to the energies of the universe
[MIKRON1] Star Wolf ,part of key is that which is the
expansion of the mind!!!

[bhakti] I think, maybe humility has something to do with it....
<Susanrose/arianna> how so bhakti?
<Susanrose/arianna> maybe humility is knowing that there is an infinite
intelligence at work, of which you a MICRO-cosim
[bhakti] I'm guessing that humility may have effect of getting "me"
and normal preoccupations cleared, so intuitive has some room.

<Susanrose/arianna> thank you bhakti, and all who commented.
"The really valuable thing is the Intuition. The intellect has little
to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness,
call it Intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and
you don't know how or why." - Albert Einstein

<Susanrose/Arianna> If Einstein admits he does not know how
he got to his solutions, then we should admit that sometimes
you just can't mentalize your way out of a problem,
you need the flash of inner knowing and inspiration to guide you.

[Sombre] I agree totally... I am a math geek
and intuition is my best tool :)

Some people call this knowing, inner voice talking to angels
Some people simply call it trusting your intuition.

Some people listen to the intuitive guidance of others,
and try to apply it to their needs. When the channel is clear
and the intention of others is for the highest and best,
it should not matter whether you receive information from your
own self or from another. But the decision to follow
or not follow someone else's channeling.
or even your own, ultimately lies within you.

Use your discernment.
Is what being told in line with the highest spiritual progression of
all concerned?
Trust yourself, and you may depend on soul gift of
intuition to guide you in the process of living.

With the predictions of earth changes and cataclysms,
we are going to need all of our senses, especially our
6th sense, to protect ourselves and our families.
Have you heard of animals running for cover prior to
an earthquake or volcanic eruption?

[MornStarr] When your heart is open to Being, you celebrate
the connectedness to All in everything you do.
>From experiencing a rainbow to communing with Universal love
and lite. Intuition becomes a source of divine.

[bhakti] using senses for protection? Haven't we always used
latest in technology for that purpose?
<Susanrose/arianna> bhaki, sometimes the animals give us a better
weather report than the meteorologists

[MIKRON1] question Susan to you , I understand you,
indeed the six sense is so important , but imagine what going on
when you can begin to command your own energy as a light worker
and also begin to see how energy around you in your life
affects you ?
<Susanrose/arianna> MIKRON.....it is all part of clearing the path
for a clear channel in which spirit can flow through you
I had several reiki treatments this month,
and in each case the person giving the treatment told of how good
they felt when the energy passed through them
[MIKRON1] open and expand your heart in every
waking moment of reality!!!!

[bhakti] Would like to use heart, mind,
intuition to be in greater harmony,
not to have greater protection as separate entity
[strdst] simplifying your life and using the power
of you imagination
to meet you needs in future contexts is what is required.
Paying attention to the information that serves you and following
your inner heart and protecting your loved ones is what the next
6 years is about.
<Susanrose/arianna> yes strdst!
the millennium needs us all to be awake, aware and in tune

For the past 6 years, I had lead a women's monthly group
to help us with our spiritual growth.
After cleansing our thoughts,
we entered a meditative place
and shared the guidance we heard.

Verbally sharing and trusting that what you say
will be worthwhile is hard for some.
So many have bought into the belief of separation,
they do not think they can choose to connect
to this powerful source. Some may need to "pass" for the
first couple times, to listen and gather their courage.
What helps is being in a friendly, supportive group.
All should agree that no one will snicker if someone
says something off the wall, or gets stage fright.
While there is sometimes laughter at what is said,
it is rejoicing in the humor of it, rather than laughing
at the speaker...
Sometimes the anonymousness
of cyber space bolsters one's courage to
let it flow. It may help to start with a few words that
you know you will say. For example, I often say
"I am She who is called". The energy works well
with a rolling stone..(or typing fingers),
so try to say at least one sentence.
You may be suprised by what follows.

Convinced by the
ability of members in my local group,
I led an on-line group
in Compuserve to attempt the same.
The gathering was on a full moon night.

A full Moon outside is not necessary to imagine
a Moonbeam lighting up your heart.
I call upon the inspiration of the soft, silvery, feminine ray,
to hear the still small voice for guidance.

You can call this wise, intuitive place The Goddess Within.
You might call it the Christ, the I AM,
or you might even just call it Spirit.

Whatever you call it, we ALL can choose to turn to
and listen to that "Still Small Voice" within.
We were not left here alone, unable to contact HOME.
Inspired guidance is available to all of us, right now.

Through a type of automatic, or at least spontaneously
inspired writings, many messages were recorded from both men and
women. Most called this source the divine feminine.
Here are a few examples of what this on-line gathering shared:

(Dot) My children, it is a delight to Me to
see the shinning faces that are here tonight.
It is a pleasure to watch your smiling faces
develop to the beautiful beings you really are.

I hear you call to me when you think nobody is listening
Please know that the guidance you seek
is ever present in your life.

Seek to be at peace with yourself and your world
and you will attain the very desires of your heart
. It can be a "whole new world" if you
just believe it to be.

This is not a new message my people,
it has been given by many prophets over the centuries.
It is to your advantage to remain in a
state of balance at all times and listen
to the inner voice of guidance.

This is a night that can change the
course of your life if you let it.
Release the bondage of the past, and open
the way for your "divine design of your life to manifest"
Let me guide you to the fullness that
is to be your life!!!!!...
(Dot)... done

(Virgie) I am the essence that extends out
from the godhead.
All of you have this beautiful essence from your being,
that which you call love, which is indefinable.
I am thankful for this evening,
to see cross communication between
so many of my light beings on earth.
Know the power of your being
and let your radiance extend out in all directions
to light the path to those who have yet to awaken.
(Virgie) and so it is...
(Sandy) I am the Mother of all, creatrix of universes
I am the beauty of spring bursting around you.
The laughter and the light in a child's eyes
I am the whisper in the wind, and the voice of inspiration.
and I have been calling to each of you.
Awaken, my beautiful souls!
Hear me clearly. I am the love ,
the essence deep in your heart.

I have called you so often my beautiful souls.
Each of you have a special and unique light to cast
Spend moments of quiet talking to me,
and I will light and guide your path
and keep you firmly rooted on the ground..
while allowing you to soar in the heavens.

The time is now
It is your journey to free the Goddess
that is deep within your heart and
manifest that radiance into the world...
(Sandy) done...

(Amethyst) Dance in the Light of My Love,
My children who come to Me
and you will be with Me always.
Dance to the sound of My drums
beating through your heart tonight,
ecstatic in My presence, in a flame,

you shall see Me in a bird song you
shall hear me in your Lovers
you shall feel me in your hearts
you will Know me as your Mother,

In My sacred cauldron, whence you came from
and draw your power from
(Amethyst) ...

(Iuna)You have come at my call,
all who have gathered here tonight,
You have gathered across space and time.

And I fill you with the Light which has always been
and shall be.
Come together, be together, share, delight in All,
for you are part of the All,
Treasure and protect my gifts,
Treasure and protect each the other,
We are bound together by the same Love which frees us,
For I am with Each and you are with Me...

(Rune Master) Just as the light of the universe
flows through all of us,
and the river of time flowers through each of us,
so shall enlightenment come to those who are blind
and they who see shall revel in the splendor of the total light.

The warmth of a sunny day in
their once cold heart, shall be no more.
The time is soon in coming and be ye joyous of said time,
for it shall come to pass, and lo, it shall earmark the
new age of love joy and enlightenment...

(Carolwyn) I am the soul of the night,
The Maid of the Moon,
Mother the Earth, Crone of the Sea.
My amniotic fluid is the blood of your veins.
Feel me pulse and pound within you.
As the seas and the growing things of the earth.

(dragonfly) I call upon my grand children to find their
own path, and to walk the beauty way
To honor their mother the earth
and their sisters the stars.
to return to the path of the
elders and to share the light of their minds
with each other to hold each other sacred
and to live in right relationship with all things.
To hold themselves in light and laughter ,
and sing the praises of their hearts and minds...

Today, at 6:13am, a mother gave birth to her first child.
I, Goddess of all mothers, was there with her in labor, and I
was with her husband as he helped her to give birth
to their infant son.
Spring is birth and rebirth. This evening, the mother
rests, with her newborn at her breast. She and I are one. Feeding
our children, holding them safe, renewing the life of the world.
(Thistle) ...

I am She who Speaks through Arianna
.The Path I offer is a path of Joy, love,
without judgment, sin, or guilt.
With this, comes the responsibility
of Right USE of WILL
YOUR actions will be needed in this
world to complete creation

I need you to exercise your will on this plane.
If you error, you will learn lessons
All is necessary for you to truly become
the WISE ONES you wish to be.

AS your love for Me grows
we will grow stronger together!
YOU who are in the CYBER Community
are blessed, because you do not have all the
props that a physical gathering has.

And yet, through the power of your will
and your magic and your imaginations

Remember your power.
Support each other with your love,
and keep Giving those CYBER HUGS,
the Best magic of ALL!!

<Susanrose/arianna> {{{{{hugs to all}}}}}
[MIKRON1] many hugs to all ,light and love susanrose!!!
[Star22] (((((((((( )gaia*Friends( ))))))))))))
[luvlight] Shares Sparkling Luv*Light H*U*G*G*S with all

[Paza] the discussion that Susanrose quoted from
was the same one which inspired
my self-dedication rite to the Goddess back in October
[Paza] and in turn, many people were inspired by the file
I put together from my rite
<Susanrose/arianna> yes, Paza, She did inspired it all
See the ripple effect of casting the pebble into the pond??
[Paza] yes arianna

[MIKRON1] indeed this is a rare time to be alive
on the internet, we are able go forth with our hearts !!!
light attracts light!!!
[MornStarr] We are how high tech becomes high touch.

<Susanrose/arianna> Now that you have seen what
can be done by others in a group on line
let's us try as well
to open up to the intuitive channel
here and now
[Star22] go for it Susan : )
Taking a few deep and cleansing breaths,
it is time for us to attempt to contact our highest
powers, so that they can speak and share their wisdom.
I will pause for those who wish to light a candle,
incense, or turn on music.

If you have closed your eyes, I will
private message you when
it will be your turn to speak....going top to bottom of list
at this point, type what you hear or your impressions.
if not, type "go ahead".

For those who had their eyes closed,
you will be able to see what every one said
in the edited log in the web site.

<Susanrose/arianna> my candle is lit,
my shamanic dreams music is playing, all is peaceful

We have swept away the mundane
We have placed our thoughts in the realm of spirit.

We call upon our guides and inner divine.

Deep Breathing,
Slow and relaxed.


Breathing in the Light plasma of the universe.
Breathing out any distractions

In peace
Out with discord.

Feeling a tube of light
enter through the top of our heads
Quickening our hearts.

Activating boundless love
A pink cloud surrounds us.

We breathe together

We are one

We are now

We are HERE.
<Susanrose/arianna> Let the 4 directions stand and take notice
Of our intent
we listen, tell us what we need to hear

<Arianna/Susanrose> My dear children
it warms my heart to see so many working together
on spiritual growth.
Yes, the cyber hugs are magic
but I must warn you that there are opportunities being lost
to increase the light and love
with the use of these channel rooms
ESPECIALLY in the ones that say they are about spirituality
there are many youngsters (of all ages)
that think it is fun to disagree, debate a trivial issue to distraction.
The time is NOW to emphasize the COMMON goodness,
and intent of all.
Mainstream, streamline, weedout the rough edges.....
We must all fit into the river of Spirit, going with the direction of flow.
Find what you agree on
and build the love from that place of understanding
You are the BUILDING BLOCKS of a new tomorrow,
and for the sake of all life on Gaia we MUST give it our best shot!
So when someone says something you believe to not be true...
look at the intent of their statement rather than the form
their words take...
and you may find more agreement than you thought....
The restlessness you feel is the need to dis-invest in that
which is tired, old and, just not working any more.
It is not Giving up or giving away your beliefs,
it is coming to the CORE,
the essence
That this world was to be built on...
Consider these words here my children...
we must do this together...
or will not proceed in the path of beauty.
<Arianna/susanrose> thank you. end

[MIKRON1] Be at peace dear ones, Gaia loves us all!!!
peace within and that which is ***the all that is***
the expression of love is the energy!!!
I see that which is the 4th dimension, all will be change !!!
know that right might sees all that is LOVE OR fear,
choose Love dear ones, and the channel for the future
is open to intuition!!!!! peace love and light, next mornstarr!

[MornStarr] We are all Beings of light in the physical for
but a moment in eternity. Cherish the moment and let our light
Be an inspiration to those who are yet to Awaken to the Source
In radiating love to others we help them open their hearts to All

[Star22] beloved light beings... the call has been sounded
the time for action is now
trust in spirit and fear not
together we build our light for all...we amplify each other
make the leap of faith to follow spirit and your heart
to become all that you are...
this will allow the transformation

[ACTION] stars96 is also listening to 'Shamanic Dreams'
with candle and incense lit... and the message I hear for
the group tonight is..
. listen to your own inner voice.. the voice of intuitive wisdom...
of Pallas Athene in your charts... follow no one blindly
and question everything..
.that which is real bears up under scrutiny...
and feeds the creative energy within each of us...remember..
there is only one letter dividing "Al-one" from "All-one"....
Oneness is a simple focus of intent....
Practice focusing your intent upon it...
here is a simple exercise...
picture the one person you least understand or most
dislike in your life...
envision your separations falling away and your essence
being one with that person...
what is it that most repulses you? what is it that you least can blend
your own energies with?
it is that very thing that needs to be refined, polished, sharpened,
enhanced and healed within yourself...
for there is only One Spirit...
we shall all become the Oneness in our evolution...
and we must look into the mirror of each other...
to see that which needs the focus of our intent... to heal...

[Paza] welcome souls of Light.....
open yourselves to the universe and let go all limitations....
and receive crackling cosmic energy.....
the Charge of the Goddess is abound.....
blue lightning across the night sky

look into your heart and you'll find it there too
it is yours as it belongs to all
prepare yourself for the ascension ahead by loving all
and forgiving others unconditionally
your heartbeat resonates the crystalline tones,of the Universe
the Amethyst heals you as it sparkles across the heavens
and the Sapphires cleanse you of your worries
the Emerald seeds are planted, for your growth
on all planes
firmly rooted in the Earth, and reaching into the heavens
and now they sprout, reaching to the spiritual plane,
and beyond

Obsidian connects us all, from the spiritual to the physical
and back again
as well as with the other planes
the Circle of Obsidian is strong,and continues unbroken
it is strong, sharp, and gleaming, full of energies
and full of balance
dark and light,like the glass of the universe
and the chocolate-marshmallow ice cream you call rocky road
please help others reach this Ascension
by showing them what awaits us
and one day they will
plant their own Emerald seeds and join the Stars
the Stars of Light, Love, Happiness, and joy

<Arianna/susanrose> :)
[Paza] You are all in The Order of the Crystal Light
the order of man
the order of love
the order of light
the order of the one
no ranks, but all one :)
The Light abound here, and everywhere tonight
resounds the call of the Goddess
the Horns echo throughout the universe
like golden trumpets,and angels hailing
and the celestial song being sung,across the 7 galaxies
and the moons and stars which roam about them
the comet is coming for you all
to whisk you off, into the universal sunset,
and the sunrise which is to follow

[Star22] very nice paza :
<Arianna/susanrose> We thank all who spoke
and all the energies that moved through us
and all the intelligence that helped us share tonight...

In parting, I would like to say...
WHAT WE HEAR, in the dark
We must speak, in the light
We are salt, for the earth
We are light, for the world

many hugs! good night to you all....
[Star22] I thank you arianna for yet another beautiful gathering
[stars96] good night all.... namaste'
[Paza] love and light to all of you de-light-ful souls :)
[MIKRON1] peace to all mikron says farewell, in love and light !