I am She who is called.

I arrive with the silver rays of the full moon,
but I am also beauty and spokesperson for those
who would pursue the path of the wise.

The path that has a history, a mythology,
a basis in the European beliefs in the sacredness of nature.
Many of you have come from different traditions,
but I will speak to you of My tradition
because this is who I am.

I am seen in the trees, the woods,
the groves, and the hills.
I am the Mother of the physical earthly existence.
I need no promises made,
regarding your afterlife.
I only need joy pleasure, devotion, appreciation,
and thanksgiving for the beautiful blue marble that you
souls have been so privileged to walk upon.

In all the universe,
there is not an opportunity such as this.
You are spirits engaged in this wonderful experiment.
An opportunity to see the physical be raised
to divine proportions.
We who are Goddess and God of the physical existence
believe and trust and know that this is so.
But you who choose our path must believe it also.
The joy and the promise and the evolution
of what this planet was designed to become,
It will be fulfilled with all of us working together.

There has been a falsehood sold to many of you,
over the centuries,
This is the falsehood, let me run it by you:
Do not value priceless gift of life here on Earth,
but look for it in the heavens,
in the world without form, in the world of spirit .
My Sons and Daughters,
you already were spirit
before you chose to take on your fleshly robes.
You are here to raise flesh to divine proportions.
You are not here to leave flesh, to return to spirit.
For then why would you choose to take up this
form in the first place ?
We are here to work together.

I have inspired Arianna to remind you
of your divine masculine and your divine feminine.
I want you to remember that the love between
the masculine and the feminine both within and without
is a gift to help you claim this fleshly existence.
When evoked with the proper love and emotion,
it can provide even more pleasure in creation
than what it would have been without gender separation.

So in this time of Equinox,
think about your inner masculine and feminine.
Your Yin and Yang doing a love dance,
Think about all the birds and the bees this spring.
All the mating and all the wonderment of the masculine
and feminine plant and animal life,
Coming together in a lovely dance.

Hear the hum of creativity and procreation.
Use that hum of creativity and procreation
between your own masculine and feminine aspects
to hum out a merry tune.
Whistle while you work.
Please allow yourself to be uplifted and reassured,
in the knowledge that what you do in your work,
whether its for pay or pleasure,
your love made visible will raise fleshly existence
to divine proportions.

None will consider this place of prison.
None will say that we are in a cave seeing darkly.
It will be the glory of the universe.
Souls will travel here to see how we did it!
This is our mission.
This is our quest.
The divine experience is of course,
much more than the harmonizing of masculine and feminine.
This is a tool and a gift to be taken seriously.

Don't smirk, brush it off and say,
"that's only sexuality ".
As Paul Mc Cartney said,
"some people think there's enough silly love songs.
but what's wrong with that, I'd like to know?".
and I'd like to know that too.
There's nothing wrong with that!
Fall in love, over and over and over again.
Fall in love with what you do.
Fall in love with who you are.
Fall in love with your friends, your community, your lovers.
Fall in love anew every day ,
and sing your silly love songs.
Heaven will be seen on Earth.
Together we will make flesh divine.