I am She who you called

Like the Moon's gentle light,
I am She you humankind has called upon
for guidance and light in times of darkness.
I light the path for the travelers.

As you travel in your life, you have chosen
to call upon me, to light your path.
I am here tonight to give advice to Arianna
and to all of you with similar conditions,
To let you know how to proceed.

Depression is a seductive mistress
that calls to you longingly, but
clings onto you ever so tightly
once you felt her embrace.
Not something that anyone enjoys,
because depression lies to you.
Depression tells you that you have no power,
that all is hopeless, and that you are helpless.
You especially, who have led a group such as this
for four years should be aware of her power.
But in trying times that knock you for a loop,
even you can doubt.
Even you can wonder whether the Divine
is still with you.
So I must, must tell you to reclaim
the personal power that you've always had.
Realize that NO circumstance, no person,
no activity, no guilt, no desire,
NOTHING can rob you of your personal power.
It is YOU who lays it down,
and enters the grips of depression.
That YOUR choosing.

If you say, "but my road has been
too tough, I'm at my wits end ,
I don't now what to do."
Realize that if you choose to stay in a difficult situation
for whatever the reason, you are still powerful.
Look at the power it takes for you to stay there, but
realize that you are not trapped, that is your choice.
If your choice is to work through a difficult situation,
whether the outcome be good or bad,
realize that you are the powerful one for staying in there
and working on it.

Arianna was cautioned last month
about the dangers of Fairyland..(lost in day dreams).
She has emerged
struggling through the swamps,
and has regained her footing on solid ground, and
her friends in the etheric have helped drag her out
the final few steps.
You must tell her to keep going,
not to turn around and go back,
and not to sink back
into the murky swamp from which she has arisen.
To hold her truth, to hold her integrity,
to turn her face towards the moonbeams
and to move on in her path
keeping with her integrally,
and her truth will bring her peace
wherever her path may go.
She is already starting to experience that peace,
and should remember that as she
follows her joy, her bliss, the other things
will take care of themselves.

One thing about those stumbling stones,
you don't have to stumble over them
and you don't have to step on them
and you don't have to retreat from them.
You can glide right past them,
dance around them, keeping
joy and peace and wholeness in your heart.

Thank you my daughters all of you,
for coming to Arianna's life
and supporting her over the years.
In her trials and her dark times she wondered
whether she could still contact Me.
She should be reassured that regardless of
how she has let herself slip,
the love and the light of her sisters in this
group is enough to help her to speak as Me.

And all of you should take this to heart too,
that no matter how down you are.
No matter how tough of a day you've had,
don't feel you're ever too low to come Me,
your inner Divine presence.
This love will lift you up.
Bring the grace and flow of your dance
into the rest of your life.
Dance around those stumbling stones.
Show others that joy and grace
in the presence of your spirit,
as well as in the presence of your form

On this Valentines month remember my darlings,
do NOT judge your power by whether or not
your co-workers your family, your sexual partners
appreciate your inner or outer beauty.
Feel your personal power.
Does a rose in a garden care,
whether someone gazes upon it?
It is just as lovely and just as scented,
and just as much graces the world with its presence
whether or not it has the admiration of a certain fellow.
So please walk in your beauty
and power and BE THAT ROSE,
whether or not your admirers are on cue.

Remember, your sexuality comes from your power,
your power is NOT your sexuality.
Don't let the tail wag the dog,
but the dog wag the tail.
Let your power shine through.
Be of good grace. Be of truth.
I love you. Good night.