I am SHE who is called:

Arianna has been a hard one to catch up with, always busy,
and her recent flight to Las Vegas. It has been a hard time tapping
her on the shoulder, getting her to sit back and listen.
She should know we will wait for her, but she must come to us in quiet
and in love, giving us the opportunity to speak to her.
One thing that we were able to get through to her recently,
was the miracle of flight.. I'd like to use this analogy, because many
of you are going through numerous difficulties.

In the airplane, high above the clouds--
there are forces that will hold a person down.
They are not always bad, but they do hold you back.
For example, gravity holds you down, and if you are trying to fly,
it can be bad. If you are trying to stay grounded to the planet,
this can be good.

In order to choose to fly, you must
acknowledge 2 principles that will allow you to fly.
These two principles are lift and thrust. Now thrust is your use of will,
(as you can feel in the solar plexus chakra). Your gut Will is the thrust
of your body. To draw the analogy to the plane, Will is what will propel
you fast enough to enable you to take off.

Lift is your connection to spirit.
It raises you from the world of form to the universal spiritual presence.
Just as a flame can be allowed to flicker dimly,
so can your connection to spirit wax and wane within your body.
This is why you need to know what you should do to feel closest to spirit.
This is so that you can tend to your fires
and feed your flames brighter with your source of spirit.
This source will give you the lift, when combines with Will to
enable you to consciously take off at will. If you only have
Will (or thrust), but no lift, you will be driving around the planet at
1,000 miles per hour. This is what is known as "life in the fast lane".
So remember, when you try to fly, you all have wings,
but even the birds must use the principles of lift and thrust.

Once you're up above the clouds, you do not need to be involved
with stormy details, and the lightening bolts that sometimes bounce
back and forth between the clouds. Would a pilot intentionally drop
the plane lower to fly into a lightening storm? No, strong as the plane is,
the pilot knows it may be struck. So when you do achieve your flight
above the clouds, check the weather before you land.
Do not attempt landings in storms. Wait for a break in the storm,
before coming down to the level of those who are so caught up
in the storm that they would throw lightening bolts
rather than welcome you into their cloud.

But you say Goddess, that puts me up there in the plane,
doesn't that mean you want me to feel superior to those
who are troubled??

Then I say no, my daughters, this is not what I am saying.
If you stay above the stormy clouds, you can be like the sun.
The sun can still come through the clouds and give it's warmth.
It can enlighten, as much as possible, the planet below.
Every break in the clouds can send forth a lovely beam--
your love in and through the clouds. Beam it, to where you
are sensitive enough to discern that those below need your help.
Beam your love through the clouds, but do not allow yourself
to bet tossed by the winds of the storm. You are regal, wise.
You are the hope of the coming age. Know that you can love
those who need you and cling to you, but realize-- you have a destiny.
You have a mission. You have a date with the future---
a glorious, beautiful land where we will all be in beauty and grace,
like kings and queens, with no more strife.
Until then, when you make it above the clouds,
wait for a pleasant day to land.
Know that I AM with you always.