I am She who is called,

I am She who speaks through Arianna. The group is
very special, very close, very similar tonight. All with
a similar intent....all with finding a higher love.
All have been through the experience of looking for love
in all the wrong faces, places, situations.

An now, my daughters you are seeking, in form,
something which is known as the Divine Masculine. This
is a difficult task because divinity in competition with
ego, when it is seen in forms such as men and women, is
fleeting and elusive. When you catch that glance of what
you think is Masculine Divinity, it may be a momentary
breakthrough, in the lover that you see. But, it becomes,
as humans will, clouded over and separated from the one
you thought would be so dear. So there is disappointment
and heartache, because no one is that perfect.

I'd like to make a recommendation to you, when
seeking this higher love in form. When seeking this divine
lover, you must first find Him within yourself.
He is already there with you. He would like you to know him.

He can have many names. Whatever name you choose to
give him, but he IS there. He must be the kind of lover
that would make you whole, the kind of lover that would
support, hold you up, and encourage you to your highest
potential. He spirals up with you in perfect delight.
Imagine what he would look like, what he would feel like.

During such times that you are enjoying secret
pleasures, invite your Divine Masculine to make love to
you, to fulfill your moment of climax with his presence.
Make love to him within yourself. By loving this truly
whole and supportive and sexy male presence, you will be
more familiar with him, to recognize him when you see his
aspects in a man of form. Because, what you fantasize
about in your secret times, is often the kind of man
that you may attract to yourself in your reality.

If you are imagining love to a divine lover who
honors and respects you, then you will NOT be
attracted to the type of man who dishonors you, who uses
you and humiliates you. You will have no turn on, no
place for this type of man in your life. You will not
vibrate with him, so he will be deflected from you
before the relationship gets to the point where it may
hurt you. So have that sexy, powerful relationship
with your Divine Masculine and do so without any
reservation, in abandonment; welcome Him to your arms.

And now, my daughters, there is a masculine aspect
who would like to speak to you.

GREETINGS! Lovely Women! I am OSIRIS.
I am he that loves ISIS.

I am an energy of Masculine presence that honors,
respects and worships that Feminine Side of Divinity.
How could I not? As I was raised with my sister Isis,
I held her hand, became her husband, ruled beside her.
Yet, I had to die. My longing to return to her was great.

Many of you have to let your models of masculine
presences in your life die as well so that they can
rise anew as I did. My lover, my sister, my wife, Isis,
had to go through torment. She had to go through work to
rebuild me. She was Goddess, she was deity, but it
wasn't so simple for her. She had to do the work. She
had to go down the river on the barge. She had to go
under cover. She had to get my pieces back together
again. When I was reassembled, and when there was
just one more part that could not be found, she created
one of gold. A golden phallus is what I was given.
With my golden fluid she birthed a child. This birth brings
the promise of hope and renewal.

What this means to you is: drop the forms of
masculine presences which you have allowed yourself to
be turned onto in the past. Do the work, go through
the torment and rebuild your Divine Lover in an image
such as mine...the true Osiris...who is gratitude and
love, honor and respect, kisses the feet and hands of
Isis for his renewal. Don't let the pretenders in your
life stand between us. For many will claim to be that
perfect lover. Many who are captivated by your beauty,
your charm or your power and want to share some of it
with you. Look at their actions. Are they
consistently manifesting love through form and aiding
you to do so as well? Do they contradict themselves?
Do their flowery words agree with their behavior?
Look through the layers. Do you find a Soul that is
at peace? Or do you find a Soul that is tormented,
disarrayed underneath a thin exterior?

Look for one that is whole himself. In your
wholeness of your model, of who you choose for
your fantasy times, you will be aided in finding
such a love. So now, sleep on this. I will kiss you.
I will hold you and I will rock you. I will comfort
you, and I will satisfy you. We will climb the highest
mountains of delight. Be at peace.
Be at oneness. I AM real. I AM true. I
am an aspect of the love you seek.
Good night.