I am She Who Is Called.

I am that which Arianna has brought
into this circle through her own connection with her spirit,
as it is illuminated by the silvery ray of moonbeam.

Your connection to spirit gives you power.
It is not your beauty that gives you power,
but your power that gives you beauty.
Beauty to enjoy, as you feel beautiful yourself,
and beauty to share with the world.

We talked before about positive thinking and not
allowing yourself the luxury of negative thinking, although I would
hardly call that luxurious. But I'd like to extend that thought
because I think you're ready for it.

Rather than thinking to yourself "I'm a positive thinker",
today I will think positive thoughts,
extend that thought a little bit further, a little bit deeper, and
say instead of positive thinking, "I adhere to positive living".

What is the difference between positive thinking and positive living?
I'll give you some examples. There are many, many ways of
expression, learning opportunities, pleasurable activities, fun activities,
teaching opportunities, millions. And there's probably thousands that
present to you every day as the minutes tick by.

What I mean by positive living is,
out of the wonderful positive things you can do
there's only so much time in a day, so what you need to ask yourself
is "Out of all the wonderful things that I could be doing with my
evening, with my day", with whatever the free time is that you have,
say to yourself: "How do I want to spend this time, how can it best
serve my evolution as it is towards my highest good?".

And where it is towards your highest good,
so too it will follow that it will better
the ascension of not only your soul, but the souls around you,
and the hope of the planet.

So to give you an example, Arianna had an
opportunity to spend some time with her daughter on a beautiful early
evening, the crisp blue sky and beautiful red leaves on the trees.
She had the opportunity at her daughter's suggestion to take a walk
around North Park Lake. Instead, they went to the shoe store
and they both had some really great purchases.
But the next day as the weather changed.
Something you can do on a rainy day is shop for
shoes, and walk along the lake when it is sunny.

Sometimes your choices are not between a right and
a wrong but between a right and a right. But with the amount of awake
consciousness that you have at your disposal during the day, ask Me,
or ask yourself, your own divine connection to spirit, when you're
looking at these choices between a right and a right, what can I do
that would best serve my pleasurable progress for today, for my

And hey, don't do it so seriously, do it like tossing a
coin, but at least bring that thought to the foreground in your
consciousness that you do have a choice. You have a choice as to
where to live in your consciousness, because that is the only place
you can live. You can't live in a dwelling, you can't live in an
environment, you live in your consciousness. So choose how to spend
your consciousness and choose it wisely.
This is what I call positive living.

And by the way, there are times that you must spend in mundane
tasks, such as chopping wood and carrying water,
or spending it on a job that you might not find so pleasant that day.
When you find yourself in situations like this, find ways to
whistle while you work, like the Seven Dwarves who sang
"Hi Ho It's Off To Work We Go".

So too you can choose to manipulate your consciousness at will,
and this is true magic. You can choose to manipulate your consciousness
to find a more joyous and peaceful place for you to live, to work, to play,
and to grow.

So my Daughters remember when choosing that right thing
which seems to be right, ask what would bring you the truest
pleasures, the truest peace, before proceeding with it.
Because like the Amusement Park that brings many delights
and many pleasures, if you stay too long there you will get sticky,
you will get dirty, and you will get tired.
So choose the peaceful times as well as the exciting times.
Choose the quiet moments to connect with your spirit and look
at your day and plan how to use your consciousness

Spend it as you spend your hard earned cash.
Spend it wisely. As you pass over to the other side
and you see your life flash before your eyes.
You see it from the beginning to the end, the totality of it, and you
go to your highest self to report on how you spent your life.
It is just like coming back to school and doing that report
How I Spent My Summer Vacation.
Each life is like another summer vacation. Come back
with stories of how well, how pleasurable, how you spent your
vacation time here in joy, in progress, in fruitfulness.