It is I who you called.

Last month, Arianna invited a lovely soul to
join in the spirit filled delight of your monthly gatherings.
While the woman was happy to learn about the feminine
side of divinity, she could not accept the term "magic".

[This is in reference to a first-time participant,
who refused to acknowledge the word "magic" in the
context of spiritual attainments. She had a hard time translating
the meaning of magic into manifestation, or miracles. It is not
sorcery or manipulation. This was a sticky misunderstanding
that was an unexpected development.]

Arianna has come to Me over the course of the month,
and asked......"What was my lesson,
what do we need to know about this situation? How can
we better handle this, and become wiser for it?" This is
what I'd like you to know. Judge not any souls who will not
understand what it is you do here tonight. Just love them .

I would like to tell you a parable about this. It is like we
are all out on a lake, always trying to land on that lovely
shore.....where you will be safe forever more. This is
in reference to a Libana song sung during most of the
ceremonies. All the souls are in this group of human
experience, in this lake. When we have hurts and
disappointments, and we get tired of trying to swim, we find
a boat. The boat gives us comfort. The boat
gives us direction. the boat gives us coping skills, that
hopefully will bring us to that shore.

I, as your inner Goddess, inspired by the Moon,
am one such boat. I offer to you, as you sail with Me
across the waters to the shore, a beautiful, magic filled life.
Now, there are other boats out there, and
they are also taking their passengers to the shore. For
one reason or another, ---because the boat was there, or
because this is what their parents gave them, or because
this is what they are attuned to, they are choosing other
modes of transportation, to land on the shore. When you
find one like this woman, you will see allot of stubbornness
to hang onto the boat that they have. This is understandable.
You should feel comforted in the fact that those who cling
most tightly to their boats, are the ones who are receiving
the most comfort and coping with their lives because the
are in it.

Now all of you here tonight are souls who are able to
climb in and out of various boats. All of you were raised
in a Christian tradition, yet are able to climb into My boat.
There are reasons for that. One is, you're very agile. The
other is, you have sisters who are helping you step across,
into my lovely sail boat. Just as the passengers would
rescue a swimmer overboard, so too are those helping
you up into the boat, or step from one boat to another,
without sinking. But, you have to be adept and agile
enough, and have the desire to do that.
There are those who say---"Stay with the
boat you have, you'll get to the shore faster". You,
my darlings, prove that if you don't buy into all that guilt,
can step in and out of other modes nicely, and still enjoy
the journey to the shore.

There are a few masters who need no boat. You know
one such Master who could walk on water. There are a
few of those who can go from shore to shore, and need no
boat. That is lovely. But, as you saw, when others tried to
follow, they walked on water for so long, and then started
to sink.

If you need a boat, I can be your lovely clipper ship,
and will take you where you want to the
shore, to at-one-ment, to where you know your worthiness,
power, and connection to All That Is.

Back to the word "magic",
that was a stumbling block for your dear visitor.
There are many magical things that happen. My creation
is filled with the magic of rebirth. When you look at what
the Master did in His healings, these were nice, but not so
unusual, when you think about it. There are people today,
putting their hands on the television screen, during the 700
club, and receiving healing. Is this really healing from the
television screen? Or is it them, dropping their wall, and
their separation, becoming, for a moment, worthy enough?
Are they are feeling their worthiness, enough to allow spirit
to heal?

While you ponder this, I need to say something about
this Teacher, and He was a good one. The biggest
magical act of his life was when He asked forgiveness for
those who caused Him pain. In the garden He was tired,
He was scared, He asked that this cup might pass. He
became cross with his disciples when they fell asleep.
He wanted the comfort of his friends around him, and He
had not. He suffered pain, humiliation, desertion.

One definition of magic is "the art of
changing consciousness at will". At that moment He
consciously chose and willed to forgive, to release,
not only those who crucified him, but all the friends He
felt let Him down. And, He forgave Himself, for not
achieving the glorious mission that He thought would end
more successfully.

The crowning magic was that He
proved, in the face of all, He could conform His
consciousness at will. This is the ascension of thought that
you must learn too.

I love to offer you magic on simple things. Keeping
cars running, health of children, business success.
This is part of the magical life that I offer to you in My boat.
But, the greatest magic of all, my darlings, is willing your
consciousness to become one with divine will and flow.

Magic starts in will. Will yourself to keep your
consciousness ONE, and we'll all land on that shore.
What a party we will have! Merriment of types you
will never dream of. Heaven is not dull.
We can make it here too, my daughters.
Arianna has a song which I directed her to play for you.
Rather than saying goodbye to you now, I will stay with
you until the end of the song. When you hear the words,
picture Me singing the words directly to you. Join in by
dancing to it, and realize what we can achieve together.

Please play the song Magic by Olivia-Newton-John
and join in the dance.