I am She who is the feminine,

inner voice of guidance. I am here to talk to you about
decision making.

Sometimes when gathering up the bounties of
life, it is like going down the supermarket aisle
with one of those little baskets on your arm.
You've only stopped for a few things, and before
you know it, your basket is full, and you start
juggling all the oranges, cans, bottles of juice-
under you arm and in your other hand. You
wonder how you're going to carry it all.

Life is like that, my daughters. sometimes you just have to look at what
you put into your basket, and say to yourself, must I really have this
in this shopping trip? What do I really need in my basket?, because I
can't juggle all the way to the checkout counter. I may drop something,
break it. Make a mess trying to juggle it. Or, I could start over with a
shopping cart, which would have given me more room. Or, I could take up
juggling and become more skilled at carrying too many objects.

So what do I do with all of this bounty that I've
gathered up, in my basket? This is where the
hard part comes, because this is the judgment.
You then must say, what do I need the most?
What will make me the happiest? When I get in
my car, what will I say --Phew, I'm really glad I
remembered to buy that! So you have to set a few
things down, and leave them on the shelf for
another trip. Just take the things that will
complete your day as much as possible.

Sometimes, you are a little sad about letting go
what you thought you wanted so much in aisle
one, now is supplanted by something in aisle five,
and the thing from aisle one must go. It was good,
and you still desire it, and many others will snatch
it up. But you have to leave it out of your basket,
and say--another time.

Sometimes, days are like this. You have to
cherry-pick what the most important thing is to do
that day........... Among millions of marvelous
opportunities of the day.

Sometimes, lifetimes are like this. Career paths, life's goals are like
this. You can't be Mother Theresa, and a matriarch of a large brood of
offspring in the same lifetime. So, choices have to
be made. Some things that are good
have to be set aside, so that you can keep in
your basket what is the truest and best. And
hopefully, that which would give you the most
progression in this lifetime. Maybe next lifetime,
or the next shopping trip, you can go back and
buy those other things as well.

How do you know what to keep? You know
what to keep by what gives you the most pleasure.
What makes you feel the most happy and excited,
and what would give you the most pain if you had
to part with it. Arianna said to her sister recently
on the telephone, when she was talking about
creating dances and shows, she said - Isn't
life grand?, Isn't it fun? Remember those things,
whatever they are, that make you feel this way.
That put a spring in your walk. Keep them, my
daughters. Hold on to them tenaciously.
That which your spirit is destined to do,
that would lead to it's most excellent development
in this life, will bring much pleasure to you.
So keep hold of those things.

But while I tell you to take not of your pleasure,
this does not mean that I want those who hear me to be saying "if it feels
good, do it!" Because,
my daughters, so much in this life feels good.
Unfortunately, you can't do everything that feels
good, all the time. Things such as meditation,
eating, alcoholic beverages, some drugs,
sexuality, are all good, are all pleasurable.
However, allow your will to ride that wave of
pleasure. Don't allow that wave of pleasure to
override your will.

Arianna spoke tonight of a couple who are
having allot of pain right now due to alcoholism.
Many have found pleasure in my beverage from
wine, and alcohol. It is an example of how you
must not wallow, or get swallowed up in a
pleasure. Use your will to ride the crest of the
wave. Like the skilled surfer, who rides that
lovely white capped peak of pleasurable energy,
he also knows when to call it a day. Pack in that
surfboard, and go on home. So too, with all acts
of pleasure that I bid you to enjoy. Enjoy them all,
in moderation, in love and in balance.

You are my queens. Your status is regal. You
experience your sexuality, your spirituality, your
physical, your mind, your wisdom. You are my
queens. I'm counting on you to be regal. ..When
they look at you as priestesses, let them say to
themselves: " She walks in beauty, like the night.
On endless horizons. She's the breath of spring
to the earth. She's the hope of civilization. What
a piece of work is she, how noble in reason. How
infinite in faculties. In form and movement, how
expressed and admirable."

Be it all, my daughters. Have fun with it.
Make your choices. And, unless you go to
juggling school, take a look at your baskets. See
if some moving is in order. This is a good time for
you to do it.

Song danced to that evening was I AM FREE, by the Who.

On the paper handcuffs were written private needs to be ended for eachparticipant.

The paper handcuffs were snapped off during the dance.