I am She
who is the feminine side
of Divine expression.

I am the ancient Mother, who men and women have
invoked since the beginning of time.

I'm here to talk to you, instruct you. Hopefully,
clear up any questions that you might have in the back
of your minds that you might have about the Goddess,
deities, and how they fit into your spiritual life.

Many of you are planning to attend what Arianna has
called "The Goddess Party". Some of you,
in the back of your minds, are thinking:
"Sure, it's fun, but what does it mean?
How does this fit into my spirituality,
if I dress up as an aspect--such as the Goddess of Cats,
or the Goddess of Love, or the Goddess of whatever.
What does it all mean? I know it's all
fun, and it feels good, but what am I doing here?

What I'd like to say is that these deities are
living and real. They are as real as anything that has
been created. Your group has imagined a special guide,
like a guardian angel who would watch over your group.

You should know, that the minds, hearts, and thoughts
of those in spirit are allowed, yes encouraged,
to complete more creation. Just as you created
this guardian, men and women over the centuries have
created their deities, and these become real and living.

These deities may be seen as friends, as sisters,
and brothers. As your sister Margaret said-
"My love is as you to Me.", so any deity that you choose
will become strengthened by the power that you give it.
Any many still have power, throughout the centuries.
The collective unconscious of mankind,
still recognizes their beauty.

I want to tell you, my children, why these pagan
deities fell before, and why you may invoke them now.
Before, the world was young, and there were many
souls that were educated, wise, and understood that
the flow of spirit is ONE, and that these deities were
but pathways into that flow.

But, there were also very young, naive souls.
Through fear and ignorance, and culture and tradition,
were swept into a life of worshiping tribal,
minor deities, as they were told to do.
They missed the boat. What is your saying?
It is- they couldn't see the forest for
the trees? This is what these early pagans did.

Instead of seeing the beauty of all the aspects,
all the paths to help them know spirit better,
they began focusing on the deity itself.
This is why the beauty of these deities were lost,
because the beauty of them was their connection
to spirit. The beauty of them was the unique pathway
that they provided into the pulsating river and flow
that Arianna calls in her spirit invocation.

Why I say you may call them now, is because
hopefully, humankind has grown to a higher level
of understanding. True, there is ONE Divinity,
but this Divinity can be seen through
many different forms and angles.

Just as you look out through your front picture
window, then go to the back of the house,
and look out your back picture window,
you see nature from a little different perspective.
If you don't focus on my deity as better than yours
game, and love them all, in relationship
to the Whole, and to the river of spirit,
they may live in your minds and hearts.

Keep in mind, that every deity that can be conceived
by the mind of man, is but a minute portion
of All That Is. All deities are here to serve Spirit.
Spirit was not created to serve deities.

So my darlings, there may be differences,
even at the Goddess Party, between various paths.
There is a way to smooth this over,
and in the coming times ahead, when
so many are tapping into their religions, their spiritual
natures more deeply. Just remember--All Spirit Is One.
What ever side stream you choose to guide you into that
pulsating river of life in spirit, is good for you.
Emphasize the common, not the differences,
and this is how we will bring all to truth, light and love.


*** Listen and dance to theme song
from Never Ending Story, if you wish.***

[ PHOTO CREDIT: "Blackfoot Medicine Woman" by Diana Stanley ]