I am She who was called.

Many of you are doing good works of service and spreading the light and hope.
Remember though, to not spread yourself too thin.
Pay yourself some kindness first.
Just like many of you have a payroll deduction to send money
to the credit union for your vacation time,
pay yourself a measure of time every day, to connect to spirit.
This will feed you the entire day, and smooth out the unexpected bumps in
your day. You will have in the bank the coping grace to make lemonade
out of lemons, and turn adversity to victory.

Some of you who were involved in such things as harmonic convergence,
11:11, and gateway openings have had many questions since.
For example,
"What was it all about?
Why are my struggles just as severe, if not more severe?
I thought I was going to ascend.
I thought things were supposed to be smoother.
I feel a let down."

My children, soon this time will arrive, but for now,
look at it like this:
Think of your vibratory level in comparison to elements like iron, steel,
silver, gold. Each have their place and their use.
As you speed up your vibratory level, you become a rarer, purer form.

While many have slid down to the iron ore element,
that too has it's purpose.
As we all work towards ascension, however, your form becomes lighter.
Your element becomes purer, and more beautiful.

Do you see that the jewelsmith working with gold or silver has a much
harder task, than the blacksmith, working with iron ore,
shaping a horseshoe?

The jeweler, working with the precious metals,
making a tiara for the queen, has fine,
delicate finishing touches to put on every part of the creation.

So as you raise your vibratory level higher, take heart!
The beautiful finishing touches on your etheric body are being added,
when you pass through your shadows to conquer your fears.

Even the Master Jesus was given many fears to overcome, before he ascended.
He had his strongest trials. As you too raise in vibratory level, you will
find some smooth times, but take heart during the bumpy times.

Think of the crown you prepare or your spirit on ascension day,
All the little imperfections will be polished out.
It's beauty will glitter in the light, the jewels atop your hair.
Using your love for what you believe,
choose to use your one voice, in truth and hope.

Others will join in with you.
And if you are looking over your shoulder for that next
voice to join in with you, count me in.
Victory is ours, my children.
Use your voice. Use your love.