I am the Lady of the Silver Ray,
who dispenses Goddess Energy to all life and forms.

You, my darlings, as my creations are lovely manifestations of this Divine Energy.

I want you to see a pedestal, like the top of a marble column, with ornate decorations.
The pedestal is not too high. It is not hard to get onto. Take one step up,
and transform yourself into being consciously aware
of being the Goddess that you truly are.

How I have watched this group!
This group and others like it are the hope for the future
The hope that is within my breast, and yours,
and the planetís.
For your sake, and the sake of all, take the small step up.
Let my light shine and spotlight you, your own unique lovely beauty,
the gifts that only you can offer to the world. Let me showcase you
in dazzling light and splendor.

The Goddess deities of old were beautiful, and they still live in the etheric.
I tell you now, that YOU are the ones that have the power.
YOU are the ones that have the will.
YOU are the ones that have the opportunity to manifest through form
all the beautiful love you can shape. You too are creators with me.
As you shape your life, you are shaping my manifestation of divine feminine creation.
We share this gift together.

I want you to go home and during this next month as a trial, before you
go to sleep at night, I want you to imagine yourself standing on that pedestal.
Bask in that silvery moon beam light, even as you are tonight.
Say to yourself ďI Virgie, or I Margaret, or I Mary Beth...AM Goddess Energy
made manifest today !Ē Say this once a night my daughters,
and see what wonderful changes occur I your life.

Use your will. Take that step. You will find joy and peace
beyond belief. Thank you. Know that I will always be with you.

My darling Silver Daughters,

It is I who you Called.

I am She who is of the Moonlight
and She who is of your Heartlight.

As I look into your circle, I see your souls sparkle.
Several months ago, I challenged you all to stand up upon a pedestal,
and to claim your Goddess Selves. This is the first step in claiming
your worthiness.

Loving yourself, forgiving yourself and others, yes,
you cannot bring baggage up on this pedestal,
You must let it free. Let go of worthless humility that you donít need
to carry. Stand erect, beautiful, and proud on these pedestals.
This was my challenge.

Now that you have visualized yourself on the pedestal I must tell you
that it will change the way you look at things.
Your horizon is much further away when on this pedestal
You will get more of an overview of the big picture.
This will bring you freedom. You will see that your horizons
are not limited by your general vicinity,
but extend much further than you ever dreamed.

Imagine a Native American Indian living
in the Toronto area in the old days.
Now, put him in the Toronto CN Tower,
where you can see all the way to Niagara Falls!
Imagine what magic he would think this was!
The same is true with your pedestals.
As you raise yourself up, raising your vibration,
raising your thoughts, raising your ideals,
your horizon becomes further and further away.
You can see clearly what is underneath you,
you will remain grounded.
You will see your potential in ways that you have never dreamed before.
This is a gift. Once you have felt your worthiness and can accept it,
and then look around, the view is really beautiful.

Allow this beauty to feed you and give you patience for those that you have
to interact with in your daily life. You know who they are. They have not
stepped up upon their pedestals. They are bumping into the walls that surround them.
They donít have the overview that you have, or that you will achieve.

I guess you can realize there is no end to the height that the pedestal can grow.
Remember that your roots will always be in the Mother Earth,
and you will always be able to see clearly those who are nearest
and dearest to you.....your home, your immediate surroundings.

You will be balanced, even though you have the overview.
If you remember your power and worthiness,
regardless of how many changes your life or the earth goes through,
you will have no fear. There is no need to claw for the latest
etheric message on what the next change is to be.
TRUST that your life and your love will go on to infinity. This is all you need.
Remember these words: Life is eternal, because love is eternal.
Good Night.

Note: The Song "Life Is Eternal, by Carly Simon was danced to by
all in the circle. It is from her album "Have You Seen Me Lately?".
I would recommend for you to dance to it too. (Arianna/Susanrose)