The Story of St. Patrick

My daughters, it is I who you called.

I'd like to speak to you about St. Patrick's Day, and how
history may have been different. This man, really just a boy,
was growing up in Scotland when raiders from Ireland came
and captured him, and took him into slavery, into Ireland.

Many pagans of that time loved Me as their Goddess. But,
many pagans also loved greed, loved the fast back, the fast
life. Some worshiped deities of war instead of love.
Because of this, a young confused boy was brought into
slavery into Ireland.

Who could have helped bring some joy, bring some
charm, bring some love into his life? It would have been so
easy for a maid to have him some hope, and to show him the
love of the Goddess, to help him in this time.

But, there were opportunities lost.
When he escaped, and returned to
his homeland, he turned to the only faith he knew,
that gave him strength. He returned to Ireland with a renewed fever
and vigor to convert this pagan land to something that he
considered better.

Those of you who are considering a path of pagan life,
or nature spirituality as you may call it, or choose to include Me in
your life, lake a lesson from history. Choose to honor
the aspects of the divine that represent your finest qualities.

Oh true, there are deities of justice,
but they are invoked seldom, and with caution.
Mostly, the ones that unite with harmony and understanding
are the ones I want to see remembered. Keep the loving
aspects above all, and watch out that patriarchal influence
does not distort nature spirituality, as it did Christianity.

Through these thousands of years, women had become
second class citizens, and many convinced themselves that
they were second class spirits, which of course was not true.

Women realized that they many gifts, one was the
power of her beauty. Because of beauty, she could bring her
man to humble awe at her bedside, and you all have
experienced this. This made you feel good, because, for a
moment, you did feel powerful. But it didn't last. It was there,
and then it was gone. When you woke up the next morning,
you wondered how long it would be, before the feeling
could be back.

My daughters, there is a secret to this. The secret is---
your beauty is not what gives you power, your power is
what gives you beauty. Remember this when you look
into the mirror, and see the lovely character of time making
changes upon your reflection.

Realize that it's your power in the
divine magnetic field, the flow of Spirit, that keep you
beautiful, alive, and vital. When you are connected to this
spirit, you cannot help but be beautiful, no matter what age
you are.

When you smile, and this glow lights up, truly, you
are powerful. So manifest love through your form and
through your spirit. Lead that pack of birds that you sing in
this tune of migration, to a beautiful dream. <<This refers
to a song by Libana, Birds in Migration.>>

A dream where men are allowed to be soft, allowed to
care, and do not have to hide their feelings. This is not just
a dream. This is not only a dream. It is a dream to desire.
It is a dream to love. It is a dream to live.

St. Patrick had his dream, and look at what one person can do.
Over a thousand years later, people are marching in parades
on a day to remember him.

It's our turn now. We will go forward. Dare to dream
this dream.

You cannot help but to dream it, because the
time has never been so perfect as now. There was never a
better opportunity in all of "her-story " for divine feminine
energy to expand. This time we will do it right.

We will do it as it was meant to be done.
Put that under your pillows and sleep on it, my children.
Dare to dream. Dare to love.
Dare to live it.

<<For a more traditional account of St. Patrick>>