My Children, I am here. It is I who you called.

This message is for those who would follow my path,
those who use Feminine Spirituality, the vision of
Mother/Feminine in their relationship with the Divine.
So many are choosing Me now. Your love to Me is as Mine to You.
I grow stronger and stronger every day, as more people build
their faith in Me, I can help more.
Since many of you have come from organized religion, you may
have questioned, "Goddess, if I put my faith in my spirituality in your path,
then what about salvation?
How will my lasting salvation fit with my new beliefs?"

This is something I would like to share with you.
Even if your pathdoes not engage in such concepts as heaven and hell,
salvation is necessary.
Salvation is the feeling of connectedness with the source,
a joyful awareness ofthe spirit you ARE,
and how you are part of ALL that IS. Where ever your state of conscousness is,
whether in or out of body, alseep or awake,
you may claim this feeling, and call it salvation, if you wish to use that term.

In every religion, what ever path you choose, there are only
three necessary elements to Salvation. They are, without much suprise,
faith, hope and love.

So in this path of honoring Me, I am honored for you to place your faith
in My abilities to help you. I must caution you to see the big picture however.
I am a thing of thought, that is real. If you would like to have faith in Me,
this is fine, but you may even reach through Me, deeper.
Dive deep into the realms of Spirit,
and have faith that ALL Spirit is ONE. All Spirit is good.

As one who said every hair on every head is counted, and none is lost,
so too when you have faith in spirit you realize that not one drop of spirit is
ever lost. We are all eternal, every drop is whole and good.
Every drop is worthy, none is destroyed. You may have faith in Me,
but have faith in this, my children.

The second necessary element is hope.
Hope is for the days when things are getting you down,
and nothing seems to be going right.
Hope is what you need when you say,
"I know the Mother loves me, but geez, can't something so right for once?"
This is what you need to turn your thought around to be positive.
Hope in the positive, hope in the good, hope in the blessed. This will
keep your mind out of the negative, where much time can be wasted.

The last necessary element is love. When I say love, I want you to start with
yourself by loving yourself....even after you have made some silly mistake
that is embarrassing. Still my children, love yourself.
There is nothing that you can do that has not been done before.
There is no wrong that hasn't already been committed, and my children,
these souls are forgiven and whole,
so why worry about what you may have done wrong?
Know that the loving essence of ALL THAT IS judges not.
Just live in love, love yourself, let go of any feelings of
embarrassment, guilt, or regret.
When you are at a place of unconditional love for YOUR spirit,
then you may love OTHERS.

I 'm not telling you to run out into the world
and help every person that needs help.
There are more worthy causes than there are grains of sand of the beach.
Work with yourself first. When you love and accept who you are,
then all those around you will be blessed. You will be doing it with
very little effort, because it will flow through you. The universe wants
to work though you, and Spirit loves to work through forms that are open
and flowing.

This will bring you JOY.
It will not bring your hardship, tiredness, over extension, JUST JOY.
If you would like to look at your three sisters that dance together,
faith, hope and love, See how they are in perfect balance, and see the fun
that they have dancing together?
<<<See picture below, "Grace" tarot card>>>
Aren't they lovely? All aspects of Me.

I love talking to you. Thank you for listening to Me.
Ride the crest of the wave,
My love is behind you, My children.