I am She Who Is Called.

I am the Goddess essence through which
Arianna(Susanrose) speaks. I am the feminine divine
that is intermingled with her
personality, within her being. Rather than
being an imperfect filter, her personality and life is used as
an example to connect human experience. I teach you, through her life,
troubles, tribulations, joys, her overcoming, survival, manifesting love.
I welcome all of you who approach me here. I kiss you all
on the forehead. Welcome, take what I have to offer tonight,
Put it in your heart and see what gifts you have received here.

The topic tonight is Love, and we have through the words of your
wise Sisters described love in many forms. We have talked about
the Divine Lover. The I AM presence that loves you
unconditionally, and wants you to be passionately involved with
life. And we've also talked about loving all of life. That creation
is a manifestation of love.

My children, if you see that and believe
it and claim it as your truth, then you will not fall into the trap of so
many men and women who are out there being needy and grasping
at a relationship to make them whole,
when they are beautiful completely whole divinely blessed
creatures of form, as they are.

So rather than seeking love in
one special relationship, see it in the creation that you are
manifesting and all around you, and then the loving relationship
will enter if that's what you desire. You will have so much
more to give it, and bless it with your perspective which will
bring joy to you and your lover in form.

Since many of your magical wishes involve drawing love into your life,
I want to speak for a moment about human love between
a man and a woman in a relationship.

I had Arianna(Susanrose) pick out the colors, that of black and white,
for the Altar candles. This is an expression of
vibrational essence of masculine and feminine, that are like night and
day, black and white. Like the yin/yang symbol that swirls
the black into the white, in the blackness there is the one
spot of white, and in the whiteness there is one spot of black.
So too should you seek not to change your mate but to reflect
him, balance him, to complement him, and to flow into the dance
with him at opposite ends of the medicine wheel. Turning,
balancing, completing each other.

You are whole and beautiful just as you are, so you need
not a physical mate if you do not choose it. But for those who
choose to roll with this circle dance of masculine and feminine
love, and those who have with this wish especially on their wish
list tonight I wish to warn you.

The love between humans is
at times blissfully at one, understanding each divinity expressed
in the other. But, remember that you are humans, and as humans you are still
evolving, still under development. Just your road signs on Interstate 79,
"temporary inconvenience/permanent improvement"
so too for you and your lovers experience temporary inconveniences.
These are improvements in your growth and your lovers growth,
whether or not you decide to remain together.

And this love in this human condition, yes it can be
exhilarating but even in the best of situations can be
bittersweet, can be painful. In that pain there is beauty,
rather than regret, because its the longing for the reunion that
makes that welcome home kiss so sweet. And if the welcome
home kiss does not arrive, be of hope and expectancy because
joy cometh in the morning, as love will wash over you anew, just
as the grasses grow and flowers bloom in the sprintime.

It is the pain in the parting that brings about the joy in the
renewal later. As Bette Midler sings in her song in the movie "Beaches",
"That's the story of, that's the glory of love. " So you who
wish for a lover, and you who are granted this lover or lovers,
be prepared for not only the joy and the happiness and the excitement
and the exhilaration, but be prepared for holding your lovers hand
as you sit in the doctors office awaiting a diagnosis which may not be pleasant.
Be prepared for the day that you must say goodbye, because all
on Earth will dust return. Be prepared to meet with him/her again in
spirit, on other planes, as love is eternal, and you'll never die.
Be prepared to greet love in other aspects and forms, allowing the comfort
of the waves of love to wash over and cleanse away any pain.

And so my children, in this night with the magic of love
being expressed in so many different ways, love all the world,
and love your lovers, but be prepared for the sadness as well as the
joy. Without this you would not appreciate the sweetness of
the joy. Count your blessings, look at your life and see all the love
that's already there, and thank yourself every day for
manifesting all the love that you already possess.

So with that I bid you the best of wishes, and all the magic of love
scenarios that you create and manifest this year.
Peace to you. I am one with you, now and always.