I am the divine feminine essence of All That Is.

I am here with you now. I am here as a pathway to Source and Spirit,
for all of you, and especially women who have been oppressed for so long,
and need a path that validates their worthiness.
Oh, how I long to help you, to step you up, to put you on the pedestal
where you belong, rising ever upward to claim your Spiritual Source
that has always been there for you.

Generations of women have gone by, generations of humble ones, toiling ones,
and sometimes, oppressed ones. I am here now to help you change all of that .
I think the time is right to end this. Women are ready to reclaim
their Spiritual, physical and cultural worthiness.

Men are ready to remove their own shackles as well.
So what about the masculine essence of All That Is?
How does He fit into all of this?
I'd like to present for you a kinder, gentler masculine Deity.
He is not a Father of judgment. He is not a Father of jealousy,
that wants you only to pay attention to Him, and
ignore all other facets of Divine Expression.
He celebrates Life in all its aspects,and bids you to do the same.
He is what women of this time have been praying for,
longing for. I assure you, He exists.

I can present this renewed face of masculinity,
because who knows Him better than me?He is my lover.
As Mother of all, our passion is the Dance of Creation.
Our love is the hum of the Universe.

The Masculine Divine embodies all the wonderful characteristics
that make Him a man's man.
He is strong, virile. He is quick to protect His family,
but He is joyful, witty, and quick to laugh.
He can hold a robin's egg to show it to a child without causing a crack.
He aids in rearing His children, teaching His sons in ways of honor, dignity,
and respect for the women of the family.
This strong virile man can roam the forest,
participate in the hunt, provide for His family,
and still remember that the mother
is the birth giver to Himself, and to all.
Picture Him strolling out of the forest
with a big smile and an warm embrace for those in his family and community.
When heavy tasks need done, He is always there helping, always loving.

He stands by my side as an equal. We are waiting for you in the valley of delight.
You are our golden child, the hope of the world.
When you run into this valley, into our open arms, He will toss you into the air.
The sun shining through your hair, you laugh and giggle.
Together we will enjoy the grand picnic of Life.
Think about renewing your vision of the Father.
This is a concept you are ready for.