I Am She Who You Called.

I am delighted right now, at being here, with such beautiful,
beautiful Souls and forms of physical manifestation.
I want to talk about the magical confidence and beauty,
cheerfulness, and strength that you surround yourself with
as a powerfully attuned woman on this planet.
Many of you have grown up in a time of
oppression of women, and have been told that
vanity is a sin. For many years, many of you
were forbidden to uncover your hair in a place of worship.
.....to protect the world from the beauty of your lovely locks.
Well, I'm going to give you the reverse opinion,
which is--to hide your lovely inner or outer beauty from the world
is more of a wrong than to indulge in pampering yourself to
look beautiful.

Sure, there may be a few women
somewhere that over do it, and are overly stuck in their
appearance, but for the people in this room, let
me assure you, that anytime you go out and
buy yourself a new dress or fix your nails, or
take that long soak with perfumed bath beads,
you are serving Me, the presence of beauty in yourself.
You honor my beauty by allowing yourself to be as beautiful as possible.
The joy that you bring to those who see you, looking as
lovely as you can, is a gift that you share with
men and women. How they enjoy you! How
they want to help you, when you feel this way!.
The psychological boost that you feel when you
feel yourself looking your best is an energy that
spills out and blesses all you contact in your travels.
Not only can it help bring a man
into your life, (for those of you who wish for one),
but it also works with strangers, and people
you have no intention of having a sexual
relationship with......... just brightening their day,
and greasing your wheels for a smoother ride through the day.

So when you give and give and give of your time
to other causes, and don't give to yourself,
to allow the best physical beauty that you can, for most of the days,
then actually you are robbing yourself and the
others you seek to help, by not giving them the beautiful you.
Daughter, regardless of what your appearance is now,
you are beautiful in my eyes, already you are beautiful in spirit.
Physical beauty is not what gives you power, your power is
what gives you beauty. Remember this when you look
into the mirror. Realize that it's your power in the
divine magnetic field, the flow of Spirit, that keep you
beautiful, alive, and vital. When you are connected to this
spirit, you cannot help but be beautiful, no matter what age you are.

When you smile, and this glow lights up, truly, you
are powerful. Manifest your beauty both in form and
through your spirit. Cherish the gift of your physical body
as a vehicle of your soul, giving us the ability to complete
creation in the world of form.

Your inner and outer beauty can help me reach
more of my children.Show how happy you are, and how happy they
can be as well. So if you can help me in this, I would be very grateful.
One last point, when they do see your
beauty, if it is somebody that you would like to
start a loving. sexual relationship with, remember your station.

You are a noble Priestess -

don't let him guzzle you down like a drink of iced tea on a hot day.
Let him savor you like a fine wine. Let him wait to bring you to the
right temperature. Let him sniff your aroma.
Then, let him sip you sparingly, because it is
the wanting and the longing that makes the fun occur.
With that my daughters, I'm going to say goodnight.
Arianna has provided a present . What this
present is, is a lovely sign of how beautiful you
are and how beautiful you can be. There is a
flower and a ribbon. I want you to attach the
ribbon to the flower as a conscious decision for
you to embrace beauty in your life.

I love you my daughters. Peace, joy, happiness are ours.