I am She who is called.

I am Goddess of the Full Moon which
Arianna uses to release her inner feminine divine.

I'd like to give some advice
directly to Arianna which you may all use if it
applies to you. That is about the time of year that it
is right now, approaching the Equinox, the time of balance
between light and dark, inner and outer, rest and
activity, form and essence.

It is a good time to remind ourselves of the need for balance
in our lives. A couple of frustrations that Arianna has been having,
and one of them is when she says to herself... "I don't feel
magical enough. I'm supposed to be leading others in the magical
life, and I haven't even been able to manifest a green light lately."
She feels wobbly at times. She sees another alarm
clock going off, to take her off to another ten and a half
hour day at work.

What she needs to remember is that
leading a magical life means living it with all of its
mundane characteristics and responsibilities. and to make
those times special and wonderful as well.
Life isn't lived in the soap bubble of this loving Circle.
Life is lived as we walk our walk in the paths and pavements and
hallways of Pittsburgh.

She should remember as role models the wise women
of Old Europe. What were these wise women healers
doing? They were working, they were growing herbs and drying
them, delivering babies, healing, planting, sewing.
Many of them did not have a spouse,
so they had to rely on their own merchandising to support themselves.
Many of them went to bed exhausted at the end of the day.
So leading a magical life doesn't mean that you're able to stop
chopping wood and carrying water.

Leading a magical life means that while you
chop wood and carry water, you choose your responses.
Your reaction to the free will of others is what keeps your
spirit happy, full, free, and able to move on to its highest

So there will be times when you do that magical visualization
and it turns out and you click your heels together and you
say " My, what a fine manifester I am."
Other times, shit happens, and it will happen to you because
there's free will of others all around you. There's times you can't
get out of the way of another person's anger.
The magic is your change of consciousness at will in a
situation..... if you choose to perceive it differently.

That's where the magic is, in your response.
So when starting that work day, think of yourself as a spiritual boxer
with great big powder puff pink boxing gloves on, so when you land
your blows they'll be soft to the person you're boxing with.
By covering yourself with light or taking the three to five
minutes in the morning to surround your day with
blessings, you will be like tying those big pink powder puff
boxing gloves on your hands.

Take the time to connect the spirit, put on your
spiritual finery in your aura before you step out. Do this
and not only will those around you not mind being hit by
your powder puff boxing gloves, but you will also save
yourself a lot of sore knuckles.

So there's work, there's play, there's laughing, there's crying,
there's stress, there's peace. A magical person always knows hope.
She knows that the essence of Goddess, God,
All That Is within her will refresh, rejuvenate, and give
her faith to take a step into the new day.

As you are rebalanced you will
be a better conduit through which energy will flow to
others, touching those you wish to bless.
Hold your head high, and don't be frustrated by all that work.
As the commercial slogan reminds us......."Just Do It".