I am She who you called.

I am She who
longs for creative purpose in this time of year.
I long for Spring, to burst forth with new plans.
And that's what I long for all of you
to have in your lives, a springtime, a new beginning of creativity.

This creativity is not very easy for some of you like Arianna,
who has fallen into a dangerous pastime. When people are
confronted with daily stress their reaction may be fear,
may be anger, may be peace if they are so evolved,
but another reaction to this stress is retreat.
Retreat is into a delicious and very seductive daydream
of your own creation, And I know you may have thought
of examples in your own life during a very difficult time,
you chose to think about something entirely different,
something delightful or delicious to keep your mind off of
that which caused you pain.

This initially is healthy and good, but to dwell on the fantasy,
to dwell on that delightful and alluring daydream
is blocking your creativity.
I am here to warn you that this opportunity for creativity is here
and it may be wasted,
or under utilized because of retreat into delightful daydreaming.

When Morgaine in "Mists of Avalon "was troubled and needed
to take a journey. She wandered into a swamp and when she passed
through the swamp, she came to a place known as Fairyland.

In Fairyland people never grow old. They party,
they dance, they play, they have wonderful sex,
and they do not need to deal with reality.
If your purpose is to be a Fairy, then I do not judge that,
but all you who hear this have the destiny and you KNOW this.
Your destiny is in the physical world of form, and the world of
form needs action to complete your destiny.
If you dwell in Fairyland like Morgaine,
you'll find out that its very alluring to linger there longer.

If you do finally shake free of Fairyland
and trudge out of the swamp and get your feet back
onto firm ground, you look at your clothes.
You've been there so long,
your clothes have turned into rags on your body.
When you were in Fairyland,
you thought you were
wearing a beautiful gown and now you realize....
you have tarried there too long. And what seemed to be
only two nights
has turned into two years. Your clothes are rags
and your friends have moved on.

All you can do is work your way back, and try to catch up.
Try to regain your footing as to what you need to do next.

So when you're worried about a problem,
by all means don't give in
by using avoidance and escape.......
getting suck in the lure of Fairyland.
All of you hearing me are needed in the world of form,
to take action, to manifest that love, and to let the
current of spirit move through you to our highest evolution.
Your help is needed!
Don't let us down, don't let your spiritual eulogy read :
"She was a swell person, a lovely woman.
So much was expected of her, but what became of her?
She lived in Fairyland, that's where she dwelled.
What happened to her destiny?
What happened to her mission?
We were tapping her on the shoulder, but she was

Don't let this happen to you. Arise! Stay clear.
Stay concentrated,
stay alert to the signs that the universe gives you.

Last thing is I bid you all to Moonbathe.
Imagine the Moonbeam coming down
and sweeping away any dusty cobwebs
from your minds.

Imagine it redefining your personality, redefining
your destiny, redefining your values, your character
so that all the little bits and pieces that were knocked off
are now replaced. All your edges are put back on again
because we don't want you to be too smooth.
We want you to be the cutting edge of the new time.

It took strength for Morgaine
to break free from this place because
it was a delightful and charming place,
and she had to walk through the muck of
the swamp and to get back onto the firm ground.
Hard words that Arianna needed to hear,
and I think she'll appreciate it later.

I want you to connect with the
strength of the Earth and my strength.
I offer you my hand. I love you.

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